Hugs Help Human Health!

We all know that hugs feel good but that may not be the only reason to squeeze the stuffing out of those you care about. Several studies show that emotions can have a powerful impact on our health. Positive emotions affect our health for the better and negative emotions for the worse. Specific studies on hugs are showing even more benefits. There is the hormone oxytocin that has become known as the “cuddle hormone” that is released in large amounts when people hug. This hormone affects many areas of our lives including heart health, sexual arousal, human bonding, maternal behavior, feelings of love and intimacy and the way that some drugs interact with our bodies. The drug “ecstasy” works by stimulating the production of oxytocin. Oxytocin is also plays a big part in the delivery of babies.

Hugs have shown to be a great reliever of stress. Many health issues can benefit from reduced stress and some conditions can be caused and cured by stress or the reduction of stress. Studies have been done that show the stress hormone cortisol decreases after a hug. Cortisol has recently been linked to weight gain and body fat. Blood pressure lowers in those who hug for 20 seconds or more. Hugging is also shown to have a positive affect on the heart health. Hugging is being used to treat chronic pain suffering and has shown to be very helpful. This may also be part of what has become known as “the French paradox”. French couples tend to touch dramatically more often than American couples. This may in part account for how their cardio vascular health is so much better overall than Americans even though their diet seems to contradict what should be happening. So if you love your friends and family give them a hug. You will be helping their health and yours!

Demand to Fill Health Positions Increasing

The demand for qualified professionals to fill health positions in all types of medical settings has never been greater. With increases in the average age of populations worldwide and subsequently the rise in demand for health care services, the need will only be greater. There are a variety of positions available in the health care industry. From the entry-level position of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to some of the more specialized fields, such as Occupational Therapists (OT), there are many health positions available at every type of facility. Especially in the United States of America, where the “Baby Boomers” (those born between 1946 and 1964 according to the U.S. Census Bureau) are reaching their advanced ages and require more health care services.

Hospitals are the largest employers of health care professionals. Every aspect in the operation of a hospital requires a variety of positions be filled in order to secure the safe and effective operation of the facility. Some of these positions include, but are not limited to, licensed registered nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, internal medicine professionals, neurologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, staff nurses and physicians. The amount of training and education needed varies depending on the health position. Besides hospitals, the type of facility which have a high demand to fill their health positions are health care clinics, intermediate care facilities, group homes, nursing homes, private care companies, non-profit agencies, federal and state governments, and private homes.

As in many other fields, the amount of education, training and certification will determine what health positions an applicant is qualified for, as well as how much they will earn. Some positions, such as a Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) require just a high school diploma, but with certification of being a CNA. However, others require much higher levels of education and advanced degrees in medicine. Some health positions are highly specialized, such as a Certified Registered Respiratory Therapist, Dieticians, and Kinesiotherapists. The more specialized the health position is, the higher the salary offered for that position and the greater the demand to find a qualified person to fill that vacancy.

One of the top needs to be filled in the health care industry are in the Administration services arena. All types of specialized therapists are also well sought after, especially physical therapists (RPT), physical therapist tech/assistants, and speech therapist. Nurses and physicians of all specialties and disciplines are highly paid and are always in high demand. States with the highest need to fill health positions are Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Salaries for professionals in health positions vary depending on the type of facility worked at, the level of education and training of the employee, and the amount of certifications obtained by the health care professional. The time to begin a career working in health positions in the health care industry is now, as the demand is great and will only increase in the years to come.

Positive Women – What Do You Need to Grow Into in Order to Live the Positive Life You Want?

Many women seek a perfect man or job to give them the happy, positive life they want but all of us have things to grow into in order to deserve and live that life – what do you have to grow into? There are many aspects to our lives so there is growth potential in each one. Balance is unreachable because one part of your life always takes more of your attention than another. Harmony is achievable as we grow to our potential in each area. Let’s go over the areas we want harmony in so we can determine what we need to grow into.

Relational: This is an area that is ever evolving and growing into good communication skills and personal boundaries is essential. This means if you have challenges relating to others or getting your point across gracefully, you will find that all of your relationships flourish when you invest some time and effort in effective communication skills. This one is fun because you can instantly practice your new skills on someone and see results right away.

Financial: This area is something all women can grow into and need to grow into. Chances are, you were not taught how to ask for money, in fact, women were taught not to ask for anything. Business training can show us how to do this correctly and it is life-changing. Once we make money, we have to know where to put it that it will give us benefits into the future. Managing money also assists us in our independence so that we can want a mate without having to have one. Desperation is a terrible reason for a relationship and positive women can avoid this rut.

Physical: Are you the size and shape that is optimal for your physical and mental health? Positive women keep their health as a very high priority, knowing if they are unhealthy, they cannot be there for those who depend on them and those they want to help. Negative women find this practice to be selfish and don’t realize that selfish (taking care of yourself) and self-centered are polar opposites.

Spiritual: Your spiritual health will determine how you handle everything in life. Believing in and honoring something bigger than you is essential to seeing the balance tug of way that exists in life in a positive manner. We are all different and positive women know there is a correct path for them spiritually and it doesn’t matter if it is the same or different from the path of others. It is individual, in fact, it is the most important and powerful personal relationship you will ever have.

Mental: What do you think about you, others, your place in the world? How do you handle tough situations? Are you able to clear your head during the day or do other people’s lives dictate how yours progresses? Are you able to handle your emotions in a way that makes you feel good about yourself or do you hold guilt and embarrassment from reacting inappropriately? Your mental state has everything to do with how healthy you are, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and physically so you can see a good one may take some growing into.

These different aspects of a woman’s life are works in progress and as we visualize the life we want, as if we have it, we see ourselves behaving in healthy ways and handling situations like the champions all women were born to be. It’s up to you if you grow into what you can be to become a positive woman or cop-out like many women unfortunately do.

Practical Steps In Improving One’s Health

Health is the general condition of the body and the mind. A healthy lifestyle is a manner or way of living that enables one to develop a general condition of the body and mind that is free of sickness and disease. Every activity that the individual undertakes and the decisions that he/she makes affects his/her lifestyle either positively or negatively. Therefore, there is the need for every individual to plan his activities and make sound decisions that would affect his/her health positively.

There are some activities that can tremendously improve the healthy lifestyle of an individual. These activities have been time-tested and have proved beyond all reasonable doubt to affect one’s health positively. To assist in remembering them easily, we would rather use an acronym ‘SPARKLE’ to stand for all of those activities. Each of these initials stands for a vital activity in life that prolongs one’s lifespan and improves the health condition of a person.

S – Sleep
P – Plan every day
A – Anticipate less
R – Relax
K – Keep your temper under control
L – Laugh more
E – Exercise regularly

• Sleep

Sleep has been recommended as the best antidote to restore the body organs to work more effectively and efficiently. Our bodies are like machines that need to be halted or stopped for a considerable time. Doing this helps all the organs of the body to renew their strengths. It also prevents us from overworking our bodies which usually result in a breakdown which may be evident through sickness or even death.

It is recommended that the body should take a nap for not less than eight hours a day to help its organs to work well. It is wrong to strain the body if it gives signals that it needs to rest and it would even be a death blow if we try to induce our bodies to work an extra mile by taking in hard and unhealthy drugs and liquors like ‘Caffeine’ etc. just to stay awake all day. Let’s allow the body to take its natural course of rest and allow it to rest since this would positively affect our health.

• Plan Everyday

Many sicknesses especially heartaches are as a result of poor or no planning of activities that one wants to undertake in a day. The Bible even admonishes that ‘the shrewd one considers or plans his steps (activities)’. If you fail to plan for your activities every day you put a strain on the brain and you push it to adjust to new activities without prior consultations. It also results in overworking of the body which can cause high fevers and headaches. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your activities for a particular day the night before the day. Though unforeseen events may arise, yet we can minimize it considerably and improve our health if we plan.

• Anticipate Less

Imperfect as we all are, there is the great tendency to anticipate the unfolding of events and the outcomes of our decisions. However, it would also be wrong to anticipate too much of the future. This puts unnecessary pressure on the body and negatively affects the heart especially in situations where the matter at stake affects us and our business directly. It can also negatively affect our activities we need to do for the day. Experience has shown that some businessmen commit serious arithmetic mistakes as a result of extreme anticipation of past business transactions of which they have paid dearly. Others who work on machines in the industry have even lost control and endangered their lives. The candid truth is that our extreme anticipation cannot overturn situations or results of our decisions. Think or anticipate less and leave matters to God and move on with the planned activities for the day.

• Relax

Relaxation is one of the activities that set the body in its right and perfect tone. If we relax our bodies by engaging in a recreational activity such as listening to music, watching a video or sport, sightseeing etc. refreshes our bodies. It will be as if we have charged our body ‘batteries’ new. It gives us a new ‘spirit’ or energy to work. As artists, we gain are able to brainstorm and generates a lot of creative ideas for the production of functional artifacts. Remember the old maxim that says ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. Don’t be too engross or busy in your work, relax and engage in a wholesome recreation to keep your body healthy always.

• Keep Your Temper under Control

Anger is like fire. If not kept under control can burn a whole house as it were. Therefore when tempers are high, exercise self-control or engage in activities that can calm your tempers down. Such activities include taking a walk off the scene, talking about the matter with a trusted friend or engaging in your favorite hobby such as drawing, painting or listening to music. In fact, if tempers are kept unchecked, they can cause serious health problems such as heartaches and other diseases related to the lungs. Also, because the victim is not thinking straight, he/she may take wrong decisions and act unwisely. It is advisable not to act in a provoked situation, just take your leave and remember that we all err against one another. Not making an issue out of what ensued between you and the one who angered you or harboring resentment will improve your health greatly.

• Laugh More

Laughter is a major tool that improves one’s health. Studies have revealed that people who laugh always live long more than those who harbor resentments. Laughing helps in relaxing the muscles causing them to work more effectively. Health experts like clinical psychologists use laughing as a therapy in treating individuals with depression to help restore their emotional state. Therefore, laugh more and don’t frown or always put on a serious look. This would improve your health.

• Exercise Regularly

Exercise is the activity of exerting one’s muscles in various ways to keep fit. Exercise helps in strengthening the joints, muscles, and tissues of the body while improving on one’s heart condition. It assists greatly in the circulation of blood throughout the entire body. Exercising on a regular basis can help in avoiding stroke, a disease caused by a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain. It is advised that a thirty minutes exercise on a daily basis can significantly improve one’s health. Doctors even recommend exercise as a cure to thousands of ailments. Therefore, make time every morning to exercise your body and make sure you do it daily to improve your health condition.