Good Digestive Health – Beneficial Bacteria Are Essential For Improved Digestive System

Most of us think that all bacteria are harmful to the human body; but the truth is that there are harmful bacteria as well as the beneficial ones. In fact the beneficial or friendly bacteria are essential for good digestive health and general well-being.

The good bacteria and the bad guys live in the intestines. Too many bad bugs lead to health problems such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, boating, gas and many others. On the other hand if the good guys outnumber the bad ones, then you would be sure to have better digestive health, which would in turn, affect your overall health positively.

The good bugs are also called intestinal micro-flora; they help to promote digestion and efficient removal of waste materials, thus clearing the intestines of obstructions.

You can increase the number of the friendly bacteria in your system by taking probiotics foods or supplements – this is why a lot of people are taking yogurt today. The probiotics in these supplements or foods are the same as the micro-flora naturally found in your colon.

However, taking foods or supplements that contain probiotics is not enough. Why? Because, they are not self-sustaining, they will die off without food. So, this brings us to the role of prebiotics.

Prebiotics also known as dietary fibers are what the good bacteria feed on. When the fibers ferment in the colon, they serve as a breeding ground for probiotics, thus ensuring their sustainability and multiplication.

The best part is that prebiotics also inhibit the multiplication of the bad bacteria. The bad bacteria are responsible for most of the diseases that affect people today. They attach themselves on the wall of the colon and compromise the immune system and could even lead to the growth cancerous polyps.

The unfortunate thing is that most often, we are the ones that feed the bad bacteria by eating the wrong foods. Fatty foods and refined sugar are not only bad for the arteries or heart, but also promote the reproduction of the harmful bacteria.

These foods also clog the colon, thereby causing sluggish digestive system among many other health issues. So if you want to enjoy excellent digestive health and improved general wellness, you should always eat healthy diet of mainly fruits, vegetable and whole grains.

Adding a quality prebiotic supplement is also highly recommended because it may be difficult for a lot of people to eat the right portions of prebiotic foods every day. But you should really start by cutting down on your sugar and fats intake – that will certainly help to boost your digestive health.