Health And The 5 F’s

What’s more important to life and vitality than health? If it’s not the most important factor of longevity, it’s one of the most important. Health is not only about one’s physical well-being. It’s also important regarding mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial stability, among others as well.

Some things contribute to health (positively or negatively) while others depend on the condition of health and/or are a result of the condition of health.

Consider the 5 F’s: Food, fitness, finances, fulfillment, and fun.


What is consumed, which is often called food, has a direct effect as well as an indirect effect on one’s physical health. When considering that the word food can be used metaphorically in many different ways, it is why the word consumed was used. Metaphorically, what we seek, read, see and hear are also forms of food to a similar extent that gasoline is food for an automobile.

Regardless if it’s literally or figuratively food, its quality or lack thereof has a major effect on health.


Like food, fitness applies to more than the physical. At the very least it also applies to mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

A case could also be made that fitness and health are one and the same. However, it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s a key factor that includes other factors. In this case, at least one of the other factors is food.

Together, food and fitness are two important components that affect health.


The reason this is the third of the 5 F’s is because it is central to what the 5 F’s are. Finances can be and often are both affected by health as well as to affect health.

One’s health condition can and often does affect one’s finances, especially one’s ability to earn an income. On the other hand, the condition of one’s finances can and often does have an effect on one’s health. It’s a double-edge sword.


The word is synonymous with completion. The completion can be anything from a simple task to a lifetime dream. The probability or ability of fulfillment becoming a reality can also depend largely on health as well as have an effect on one’s health.

Finances often play a key role in the ability to fulfill. Fulfillment may also contribute to financial health.


Do fulfillment and fun have an effect on one another? Does fun or lack thereof affect health? Does health or lack thereof affect fun? The answer to all is probably yes.

The 5 F’s as a whole are cyclical and affect or are affected by each of the F’s as well as life itself. They may not be the only keys to health, nor are they the only result of good health, but they are integral to one another and to health as a whole.

A healthy person is probably more financially fit, probably more apt to live a fulfilling and fun life, and more apt to remain healthy.