Mental Health Nursing in the UK

If you would like to work as a mental health nurse (RMN) in the UK you will need to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) under Part 1 and 3 of the Register.

RMNs can work across the complete range of mental illnesses. They work to prevent mental illness as well as manage mental and physical disorders. RMNs work as part of a team including GPs, psychiatrists, social workers and other health professionals. They can also work with patients in their own private homes and residential units

Mental Health positions can be accessed through various UK job sites. Due to the chronic shortage of nurses in the UK employers are proactively widening their recruitment nets abroad to try and cover their vacancies. This is seen by many foreign nurses as a great opportunity to work in the NHS and experience life in the United Kingdom.

Healthcare agencies provide facilities such as a CV creator service and instant forwarding services. Agency websites also provide information on events, conferences and exhibitions related to mental health nursing jobs in the UK. The role demands lots of dedication and care, so you need to discuss the job profile with your future employers in advance of accepting a position.
Mental health nurse deals with the following cares:

* Addictions Psychiatry

* Child and Adolescent Care

* Emergency/Crisis Intervention

* General Psychiatry

* Geriatrics Psychiatry

* Neuropsychiatry Care

* HM prisons

We can sum up the responsibilities of mental health nurses under the following points:

* Reassuring patients about their treatments

* Systematic care and medication

* Attend to patients and discuss their needs and concerns

* Winning the confidence of patients

* Counseling

* Coordination with other health professionals

* Motivating patients to take part in art, drama or occupational therapy

* Organizing social events

* Maintaining patient records

* Developing care plans and risk assessments

Summary : Registered Mental Health Nurses work across a wide range of Mental Health areas. Many nurses will specialize in certain areas building up their expertise in a variety of Environments. Recruitment agencies can play an important part in this by providing the link between nurse and employer.