Positive Women – What Do You Need to Grow Into in Order to Live the Positive Life You Want?

Many women seek a perfect man or job to give them the happy, positive life they want but all of us have things to grow into in order to deserve and live that life – what do you have to grow into? There are many aspects to our lives so there is growth potential in each one. Balance is unreachable because one part of your life always takes more of your attention than another. Harmony is achievable as we grow to our potential in each area. Let’s go over the areas we want harmony in so we can determine what we need to grow into.

Relational: This is an area that is ever evolving and growing into good communication skills and personal boundaries is essential. This means if you have challenges relating to others or getting your point across gracefully, you will find that all of your relationships flourish when you invest some time and effort in effective communication skills. This one is fun because you can instantly practice your new skills on someone and see results right away.

Financial: This area is something all women can grow into and need to grow into. Chances are, you were not taught how to ask for money, in fact, women were taught not to ask for anything. Business training can show us how to do this correctly and it is life-changing. Once we make money, we have to know where to put it that it will give us benefits into the future. Managing money also assists us in our independence so that we can want a mate without having to have one. Desperation is a terrible reason for a relationship and positive women can avoid this rut.

Physical: Are you the size and shape that is optimal for your physical and mental health? Positive women keep their health as a very high priority, knowing if they are unhealthy, they cannot be there for those who depend on them and those they want to help. Negative women find this practice to be selfish and don’t realize that selfish (taking care of yourself) and self-centered are polar opposites.

Spiritual: Your spiritual health will determine how you handle everything in life. Believing in and honoring something bigger than you is essential to seeing the balance tug of way that exists in life in a positive manner. We are all different and positive women know there is a correct path for them spiritually and it doesn’t matter if it is the same or different from the path of others. It is individual, in fact, it is the most important and powerful personal relationship you will ever have.

Mental: What do you think about you, others, your place in the world? How do you handle tough situations? Are you able to clear your head during the day or do other people’s lives dictate how yours progresses? Are you able to handle your emotions in a way that makes you feel good about yourself or do you hold guilt and embarrassment from reacting inappropriately? Your mental state has everything to do with how healthy you are, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and physically so you can see a good one may take some growing into.

These different aspects of a woman’s life are works in progress and as we visualize the life we want, as if we have it, we see ourselves behaving in healthy ways and handling situations like the champions all women were born to be. It’s up to you if you grow into what you can be to become a positive woman or cop-out like many women unfortunately do.